National Pen offers a wide array of options for personalised promotional writing instruments. Take a closer look at our selection of pens to suit a variety of uses:

Personalised Pens - Promoting your Brand

Personalised pens are a very popular choice for businesses trying to promote their brand. They offer a very cost effective way of getting your brand seen by potential customers. For the business seeking a promotional item that is affordable, desirable, and useful, a pen makes perfect sense. Even with digital technology affecting almost every aspect of our lives, pens and pencils are still an indispensable tool most of us use on an almost daily basis. No matter how many pens a person has, there seems to always be a need for one. If not used right away, a pen will often find a home in a desk drawer, briefcase, purse, jacket pocket, or car. Pens are great promotional items due to their very nature as a daily tool for most professionals. This is why so many businesses use personalised pens and writing instruments to promote their brand. They provide a cheap and very effective marketing opportunity. Pens have become the modern day ‘calling card’ for many businesses, providing a useful gift for customers and providing valuable real estate for your brand.

The Power of the Pen

Passing out a pen as a promotional or marketing product can actually be a meaningful act. Pens have a way of becoming personal items. Some users, in fact, become loyal to certain styles of pens. These pens can become the first choice for signing contracts, completing important documents, and travelling in a briefcase or laptop bag. The benefit to you? Your company logo is prominently displayed on these often-used items. This creates a constant reminder of your brand to a wider range of potential clients. If you invest in a good quality customised pen, you may make a better impression in the end. After all, people are not likely to keep, much less use, a flimsy pen that doesn’t write well or leaks.

Pens are used with a great rate of frequency. Promotional pens can be used up to 18 times per month. This means it is one of the most frequently used tangible marketing products. Pens are also used in a number of different settings. Aside from the office, they are used at business meetings, at home, at school, at shops, and at banks. This gives your brand a good deal of exposure. In fact, studies have shown that approximately 79% of people actually use the promotional pens they received from a business. Further, about 83% are likely to keep the pen if it has a ballpoint.

Our Wide Range of Pens

Supplying promotional products for many years, National Pen has a huge range of pens which can be branded with your name, logo, message or contact details. Just browse through our promotional pens and you’re bound to get some great ideas and at fantastic prices. We stock the very popular and eye catching Squiggle Pens for example, beautifully laser engraved metal Paragon Pens, Flashlight Pens, or why not consider a Stylus Branded Pen, ideal for smartphones and touch pads, to really impress your customers. We have hundreds of pen types and styles to choose from, whether you want to market your brand or just simply enhance your company image.

Promotional Pen Options

We personalise and customise luxury and executive pen brands such as Parker, Waterman and Balmain with printed or engraved logos. We also provide budget friendly options in our Value Range if you are looking for cheaper promotional pens. We also provide budget friendly options in our Value Range if you are looking for cheaper personalised pens. Other brands we can personalise include BIC and Stilolinea. With our large in-house production facility we have the flexibility and capacity to offer the full range of personalised pens from full colour printing to laser engraving, producing high quality pens with fast delivery times. All of our pens are high quality products and can be ordered in small quantities.

Choosing the Right Personalised Pen

Before deciding, try to think of your target audience and what exactly you want to achieve. Plastic Pens, for example, can be bought in bulk and are suitable as giveaways at trade shows, conferences and seminars or direct marketing campaigns. Metal Pens can impress at smaller gatherings or meetings. Engraved executive and luxury pens packaged in high quality presentation boxes take it to another level in impressing your most valued customers. There are endless opportunities to use pens and plant your brand image in people’s minds.

No matter which pen your company chooses for promotions, you can feel confident that you will get a positive return on investment. Is there a better way to remind a potential client of your services than by signing a contract with one of your company’s branded pens?

Our Pens

At National Pen, we offer a wide variety of pen types to choose from. Plastic Pens are the most basic pens we offer. They are a cheap and effective way to promote your brand. In fact, they are one of the most common ways our customers promote their business at tradeshows and events. These pens are lightweight, practical, and easy to write with. We stock a huge range of colours and styles. Value Pens are available with low minimum order quantities, offering fantastic value and suiting any budget. These pens can be manufactured at high quantities for very low unit costs. Though cheap, these pens are incredibly durable. National Pen manufactures all of their pens with long life-spans in mind. This means firm ballpoint apparatus, solid barrel construction and quality ink. Engraved Metal Pens are an item ideal for high-quality giveaways. They are durable and long-lasting, allowing for a different look and feel compared to other products. We stock a fantastic range of modern and funky colours to really impress your customers. Stylus Pens are great for people who use touch screen devices such as iPads. They look great and should be considered high value items. Fortunately, we can personalise stylus pens in a very affordable way. On top of that, we have a wide selection of styluses to choose from. Multi-Ink Pens give the user a variety of colours to choose from in one pen. We stock pens with anywhere from two to six different color options. These pens are solidly made and long-lasting. Executive Pens are characterised by classic design, aesthetic appeal, high quality materials, dependability and durability. These pens are often used as corporate gifts for loyal customers but can also be used to mark important events such as retirements or birthdays or other occasions. We stock an array of high quality executive pens for purchase.

You can order and customise or brand your promotional pens online with ease - convenient for you and helping us keep our prices so competitive. No need to haggle over price. Get exactly what you want and need to best promote you and your company. All at an affordable price with a name brand you can trust - National Pen. At National Pen, your image is our business.

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