Engraved Pens

Engraved metal pens are a marketing promotion item for high-quality giveaways. Durable and longer-lasting than Plastic Pens, they allow for a different look and feel compared to other products. Every time one of your customers uses these pens they will be reminded of your brand and really feel like an appreciated customer.

Engraved Metal Pens

Our metal pens are high quality products and we stock a fantastic range of modern and funky colours to really impress your customers. Our Paragon Pen is a classic and sleek pen and offers amazing value for such a quality product. Our Esprit Pen is a stylish chrome pen with a tactile rubberised grip making it not just a beautiful looking pen but also a highly functional one. We also have a range of Metal Stylus Pens for use with smartphones and tablets which can be engraved with your brand and personalised message.

Metal Pens engraved with your company logo

The process of engraving involves amplifying light and applying electricity to create an optical beam, or laser, which etches a design on the surface of a product. Engraving is best suited for pens made of strong materials that can withstand continuous use and exposure to a variety of environments. Metal pens are usually the best choice. One advantage of engraving is its permanent nature. Additionally, the process is fast and precise and the resulting look is more polished and elegant. Another added benefit is that the production is more environmentally friendly. Our machine imprinted method allows you to engrave your pen with your company name, telephone number and website. All metal promotional pens are guaranteed to accurately display your brand, image or logo to your exact specifications. And remember during the ordering process you can upload your logo and see what your final product will look like.

Personalised Pens make powerful marketing tools

Personalised pens are one of the most popular promotional items, along with clothing and tote bags. Pens are often overlooked by companies as a powerful marketing tool. It is important to remember when marketing a brand that exposure of a company name is a main goal, and there are many ways to achieve this. The pen is universal and can truly work as an effective medium to gain brand awareness.

Pens are everywhere

Just think about how often pens are used in daily life. Not only that, consider how easily and often pens change hands. Statistics show that, on average, a single pen can have seven different users over the course of a lifetime. This makes sense when you consider that pens are constantly being borrowed or taken. Every person who uses a pen is seeing and remembering the logo or name engraved on it. If that pen happens to be of a good quality, like a metal pen, the user will be even more likely to use it regularly. It may even become the go-to pen in a more formal business setting, like a contract signing. If you think about it, this is a great low cost exposure for your company brand. In their lifetime, 10,000 pens will have approximately 70,000 different users. That is not even counting the daily casual exposure. In short, personalised metal pens are a worthwhile investment as they are both effective and affordable.

Impress with Personalised Engraving

When choosing the right personalised or promotional pen, there are so many options to consider. You should carefully determine the purpose of the pen, the intended use of the pen, and the message you wish to convey. The pens you hand out at a tradeshow will be different than those you give to an important client as a token of appreciation or a valued empl

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